Wardrobe Edit: Day Thirteen

Okay confession time, I forgot to take a photograph of my outfit for today but I did remember to take a photograph of my party outfit for my work’s Christmas party and I WAS going to try and convince you that this is what I wore all day because I am THAT glamorous but I […]

Wardrobe Edit: Day Twelve

Exciting day today! With the exception of my black Mango boots (which I wear aaaall the time), today is the first time during the wardrobe edit challenge that I have worn the same item of clothing but in a different way, just like a “proper” capsule wardrobe! I really like this shirt and I now […]

Wardrobe Edit: Day Nine

I quite liked today’s outfit, it wasn’t exactly minimal but I guess most of what I was wearing would go with other things probably? I’ve been thinking recently about the amount of effort that should go into your “style”. When people look really good, people say that they look “effortlessly stylish” implying that to look […]

Wardrobe Edit: Day Eight

Self awareness. I suppose most of us have it to some degree or other but can it influence the way we dress and the clothes we choose? Can you practice self restraint to allow you to achieve a more long term goal was a topic that came up in a training session that I attended […]