CO YO Natural Coconut milk yoghurt: product review

I stumbled across this product whilst doing an online Tesco shop recently, looking for some other coconut related product that I forget now! My excitement levels were through the roof because it’s difficult enough to come by “clean” products like this even when you’re looking for them, no scratch that, hunting for them high and […]

Dinner with friends

We were recently invited for dinner at some friends of ours house and as they eat predominantly gluten and dairy free and I knew they’d been experimenting with clean eating I’d been really looking forward to it it all week. I wasn’t disappointed. On the menu for the evening was a recipe from Madeleine Shaw’s […]

Gluten & Dairy Free Vegan Raw Brownies

Yesterday was a rare day in the house and I fancied doing some baking, problem is there’s no point making anything naughty because I won’t eat it, I don’t really want Molly to eat it and now the hubby won’t even eat it as he’s started healthy eating as well! So I set to looking […]