Post Christmas Detox: Day 1

  I tried to be really sensible over the Christmas period with regards to food and drink and actually I didn’t go wild. I did however let my boundaries slip a little and I think when that happens it can be really difficult to reset. I’ve had a couple of failed attempts to get back […]

Olive & Bean, Newcastle: A review

Whilst indulging in a bit of Christmas retail therapy with my favourite shopping partner (my Mum!) the other day, she suggested that we stopped in at this little cafe she’d been in before with a friend. I’m, by anyone’s standards, quite fussy these days about what I eat and so if it’s not tried and […]

The Parlour, Wheelbirks: A review

On a rare Sunday afternoon with absolutely nothing to do we decided to go out for a drive, with no intention of doing anything in particular, just to go on a mini-adventure and see where the day took us. As it happened it took us to a lovely little dairy farm tucked away in Northumberland […]

CO YO Natural Coconut milk yoghurt: product review

I stumbled across this product whilst doing an online Tesco shop recently, looking for some other coconut related product that I forget now! My excitement levels were through the roof because it’s difficult enough to come by “clean” products like this even when you’re looking for them, no scratch that, hunting for them high and […]

Molly and Sophie have afternoon tea: Review of Lionmouth Rural Centre

Why should adults have all the fun? Is presumably a question that the LionMouth Rural Center in Esh Winning, County Durham asked themselves when they came up with the splendid idea of putting on afternoon tea for children. Having heard about this I suggested to my friend that we take the littlies there for her […]

IQS: Day Twenty One

So today marks the last day of the detox stage of my quitting sugar. Tomorrow I can start to add some fruit and “safe” sugar alternatives to my diet. Strangely I’m not as excited as I thought I might be about this. In fact when I was planning ahead to what breakfast I might make […]

IQS: Day Twenty

After spending a lovely evening out with a good friend last night I have come to the realisation that meals out are no longer a thing of stress and torture. Previously, while following my low-fat diet as religiously as I did, I would dread going out for meals and would actively avoid it where possible […]

IQS: Day Nineteen

I’m started to get a bit excited about the prospect of being able to have some fruit next week, but oddly enough not because I’m looking forward to the sweet taste but more because it will allow me to vary my recipes a little, particularly with porridge. I’ve been reading a lot of recipes recently […]

IQS: Day Eighteen

I’ve noticed a lot of changes that have taken place during the course of this experiment. I have noticed that I’m no longer thinking about sugar 24/7 (previously I was sub-consciously consuming it in yoghurts and other unsuspecting places, but at the same time planning my day around my next sugar hit; I would save […]

IQS: Day Seventeen

As many of you who have been following me since the start of my clean eating journey will know, I’ve had some anxieties around breaking free of my low-fat shackles and eating more healthy whole foods as I was absolutely convinced that you couldn’t get away with eating peanut butter and full fat yoghurt without […]