Olive & Bean, Newcastle: A review

Whilst indulging in a bit of Christmas retail therapy with my favourite shopping partner (my Mum!) the other day, she suggested that we stopped in at this little cafe she’d been in before with a friend. I’m, by anyone’s standards, quite fussy these days about what I eat and so if it’s not tried and […]

IQS: Day Twenty One

So today marks the last day of the detox stage of my quitting sugar. Tomorrow I can start to add some fruit and “safe” sugar alternatives to my diet. Strangely I’m not as excited as I thought I might be about this. In fact when I was planning ahead to what breakfast I might make […]

IQS: Day Nineteen

I’m started to get a bit excited about the prospect of being able to have some fruit next week, but oddly enough not because I’m looking forward to the sweet taste but more because it will allow me to vary my recipes a little, particularly with porridge. I’ve been reading a lot of recipes recently […]

IQS: Day fourteen

I didn’t really feel like eating much at breakfast this morning and just really fancied some simple veggies rather than my usual porridge or eggs. We were out and about at lunch time which meant that I had to navigate a not particularly “clean” menu. I opted for rustic bean casserole with crusty bread but […]

Scrumpy Willow & the Singing Kettle Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant and Cafe: Review

Every now and again me and the husband like to have an evening out without the littl’un so we can enjoy some adult time and actually have a conversation without stopping for a rendition of “I can sing a rainbow” every 5 minutes (I now know the order of every color in the rainbow but […]

Maddisons, Independent Drinks House and Eatery: Review

Masddisons is an independent drinks house and eatery in the little town of Consett, County Durham. It’s about a 10 minute walk from my parents house and is my go to place when we’re celebrating or when we fancy treating ourselves. Back when we discovered this place I’d never heard of clean eating and so […]

IQS: Day six

Today started well, everyone was at home for once so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then we ended up having lunch out at one of my favourite places to eat (watch this space for a review coming soon!) which was lovely. Managed to keep it fairly “clean” and sugar free although it was tough […]

Broom House Farm: Review

Broom House Farm ¬†is a livestock farm in the Witton Gilbert area of County Durham. It’s an amazing resource that we’re extremely lucky to have on our doorstep and we frequent often! In fact, we were there when I went into labour with Molly and it was one of the first places that we took […]

Gourmet Burger Kitchen: Review

After a recent plan to eat at one of our favourite clean eating places were scuppered due to nightmare lack of parking situation which had the husband driving round Tynemouth in circles for what seemed like hours, we ended up, in desperation at 2.00 in the afternoon, having lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen¬†(GBK). I LOVE […]

Pizza Express Review

We were recently out on a family excursion to the Metro Centre (a huge shopping centre in the North East of England for those of you not in the know). Normally we try to steer clear of the Metro Centre, nasty airless place that it is, but It was an obligatory visit, we had lots […]