The Parlour, Wheelbirks: A review

On a rare Sunday afternoon with absolutely nothing to do we decided to go out for a drive, with no intention of doing anything in particular, just to go on a mini-adventure and see where the day took us. As it happened it took us to a lovely little dairy farm tucked away in Northumberland […]

Pret-a-Manger Review

Whilst out and about shopping the other day, Molly suggested that we stopped for a drink and a snack (she’s just like her Daddy, always thinking about food and no stamina for shopping!) I was slightly panic stricken as to where we would end up as the husband refuses to even entertain the idea of […]

A lovely Summer Fete

We recently heard from a crafting friend about¬†Vallum, who amongst other things produce award winning ice cream, cheese and artisan breads, host foodie markets, crafting fairs and pop-up restaurants and grown their own flowers, herbs and vegetables to use in their patisserie, deli and restaurant. They also have a an outdoor children’s play¬†paddock and offer […]