Post Christmas Detox: Day 12

Sometimes my days aren’t as clean as I would like them. I have two options here, I can beat myself up about it and obsess over eating better for the rest of the week, or I can accept that I didn’t eat as well as I might have done because I’m human and sometimes I […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 11

So this morning I thought we’d try something a little different for breakfast since I was getting a little bored of porridge (don’t get me wrong, I still love a bit of porridge but just, not every day!) so because me and the littlun were having a day off together we thought we’d do smoothies […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 10

I was very excited yesterday to discover a Sarah Wilson book that I hadn’t seen before called “I quit sugar: simplicious” it’s all about living a low sugar lifestyle, using whole foods, and doing so cheaply; not wasting anything! It’s amazing and has some beautiful recipes (I’m baking the ‘not quite banana bread’ right now […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 9

Back to work and my eating dynamics totally change. Because I’ve allowed myself to relax at the weekend, I always feel sort of obliged to make an extra special effort through the week, and particularly at the beginning of the week when I always have that ‘January feeling’ but on a smaller scale…do you know […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 7

Today was another day of running around and so we ate out for two of three daily meals, not great but I don’t like to let clean eating rule my life. We went swimming with the littlun and I managed a few laps of the pool, I also managed to squeeze in a work out […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 6

Today I was all over the place, both literally and figuratively so I sort of had to grab food where and when I could. Eating clean in this way can be a challenge but I’m getting more and more used to what choices to make and have learned to check labels very carefully. For example, […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 5

Today was all about eating what I fancied. I never EVER have toast with butter, but today I did and it tasted amazing! It snowed a lot today and I wanted warm, comforting food so that’s what I had.   This is what I ate today.   Breakfast… 2 slices of sourdough toast with butter […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 4

Fell off the wagon slightly today, although I don’t like to think of it as ‘failing’ or ‘cheating’ because that makes it sound like I’m doing something righteous the rest of the time, and I’m not. I’m just trying to eat a healthy, balanced and clean diet the majority of the time and respect that […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 3

In contrast to my reference in yesterdays post about it being okay to feel hungry, I read today about eating what your body tells you it wants, when it wants it. I’m quite interested in this. It seems sensible, I suppose, that if you really listen to your body it will tell you these things […]

Post Christmas Detox: Day 2

So it’s day two of the post Cristmas detox, or getting back on track as it’s also known. I always find it much easier when I’m at work not to concentrate as much on food and not to snack inbetween meals, simply because I’m just too busy! We joked in the office when we returned […]