How to survive the summer holidays

So, firstly an apology because that title is misleading, I don’t actually know how to survive the summer holidays, I’ve never had to do it before! As this is Molly’s first summer break between finishing nursery (which, by the way, I was not emotionally prepared for!) and starting big school, I am approaching it both with excitement and trepidation. The fact that I’m still on maternity leave means that I get to spend the whole 6 weeks with the kids so yay to that but also, oh my lord WHAT am I going to do for those 6 weeks?! So, to add extra pressure on myself, I figured I could blog my way through the holidays with updates on where we’ve been, what we’ve done and what level of wanting to kill each other we’re at each day. Sound good? Ok great, so…

Day One:

Kids (apparently) slept in, however awoke the moment I tried to ever so quietly tiptoe past their doors (do I set off a sensor?!) and proceeded to cry until I plonked them at the breakfast table and proceeded to prance around the kitchen to candi Staton’s Young hearts run free. They were not impressed with my dance moves but they did at least stop crying long enough to stare disapprovingly at me so that was a win in my book.

Breakfast (and dancing) over we had to figure out what on earth we were going to do that day. It was, of course, raining so that ruled out most of the ideas on my list (oh yes, there is a list!) so we settled on a Museum; fun, educational, DRY! Great. We all set off complete with best buds (luckily mine, Molly’s and Denny’s best mates happen to be all part of the same family which makes hanging out really easy – I recommend trying to go for one family unit when selecting best friends, really so much easier! Excitement levels were high, SO high in fact that Dennis decided napping was not necessary and as a result was fairly cranky. Molly’s behavior was questionable (but that’s probably a whole separate blog post in the making) and as a result my stress levels were fairly high, but it was all made worth it when Molly later piped up “I’ve had such a nice day!”  and gushingly told Grandma aaaaaaall about the dinosaurs and the Mummies and and and….. totally worth it. It’s funny, I had no idea how much she’d enjoyed herself as I spent the entire trip round telling her to stop running, not to touch, to slow down.

So, day one down, we’re all knackered, none of us slept, but on the plus side now two of us are asleep and the other one is enjoying a takeaway. Happy days. What will day two bring and will we survive it?


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