New addition

I sat down tonight with the intention of updating my blog as I was thinking to myself that it had been a while. It had been so long in fact, that I couldn’t even remember my password to log on-whoops! So apologies aside for my utter rubbishness, here come the excuses. Basically, this…


This is Dennis. He’s Molly’s little brother and he was born in October 2016. Although I probably can’t blame him entirely for my laziness when it’s come to blogging, I’m going to give it a good try. I’m not a good pregnant person really, I’m like one of those pregnant women who buys pregnancy yoga DVD’s, promises herself that she’s going to join an aquanatal class and eat uber healthily and then spends the next 9 months pretty much using the pregnancy as a reasonable excuse to be lazy, eat everything in sight and then complain about how sick and uncomfortable she feels and how fat she’s getting. Fast forward 3 months to after bambino arrives and I’m regretting these decisions. So it’s back to the sugar free eating and discovering how to parent two children, AT THE SAME TIME!!! The big question is, do I change the blog to Molly & Dennis’s mummy?!?! Brace yourselves people….here we go on a new adventure!

Oh and here’s some more pictures, just because, y’know…cuuuuuuute!




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