Post Christmas Detox: Day 12

Sometimes my days aren’t as clean as I would like them. I have two options here, I can beat myself up about it and obsess over eating better for the rest of the week, or I can accept that I didn’t eat as well as I might have done because I’m human and sometimes I fancy something dirty to eat. Eating badly occassionally is not a problem, I have essentially adjusted the way that I eat so that 90% of the time I am putting whole, nourishing, healthy fooods into my body so I don’t want to start viewing the odd burger or piece of chocolate cake as a “slip up” but more something that I’m mindfully deciding to eat occasionally because I can. The problem lies in comfort eating, when I don’t choose to eat something but feel compelled to because I’ve had a rubbish day or I feel under the weater. THIS is what I need to keep an eye on.

That being said I seem to have developed a nasty little dried fruit and nut habbit that I’d like to try and knock on the head!

This is what I ate today.




“Apple Pie Porridge” (made with porridge oats, oat milk, cinnamon, grated apple, chia seeds and topped with walnuts)



Handful of dried fruit and nuts



2 carrots dipped in organic hummus, 2 seeded, wholewheat crackers topped with marmit, couple of strawberries, handful of almonds and a slice of home made banana bread topped with peanut butter



Handful of dried fruit and nuts





Gnocchi with homemade tomato sauce with chorizo and topped with cheese

Home made salted popcorn


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