Post Christmas Detox: Day 9

Back to work and my eating dynamics totally change. Because I’ve allowed myself to relax at the weekend, I always feel sort of obliged to make an extra special effort through the week, and particularly at the beginning of the week when I always have that ‘January feeling’ but on a smaller scale…do you know what I mean? I also have less time to think about food because I’m usually just too busy so I tend not to snack and I eat smaller and simpler meals through the day, think soups, salads etc…

This is what I ate today.




Porridge oats made with oat milk, raspberries, peanut butter, chia seeds and cinnamon and topped with pecan nuts



Home made lentil, parsnip and carrot soup, 2 brown rice crackers topped with marmite and a green apple


Mid-afternoon snack…

A small handful of mixed dried fruit and nuts




Home made pulled pork enchiladas with betroot salad and spicy cauliflower rice

Small piece of home made raw vegan brownie (made with dates, maple syrup and nuts)



40 minutes of yoga


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