Post Christmas Detox: Day 7

Today was another day of running around and so we ate out for two of three daily meals, not great but I don’t like to let clean eating rule my life. We went swimming with the littlun and I managed a few laps of the pool, I also managed to squeeze in a work out in the morning before anyone got up so I didn’t feel too guilty about having a few treats. I tend to relax a little bit at the weekend anyway as it stops it feeling so much like I’m doing a diet. I know the topic of ‘cheat days’ have been discussed at great length amongst the experts and there are differing opinions as to whether they’re a good thing or not but to be honest, I don’t go wild and it works for me at the moment, so why not?!

On reflection today was a bit heavy on the mozzarella but I’ve only really just noticed that so…oh well!

Here’s what I ate today.




Porridge made with oats, oatmilk, peanut butter, chia seeds and cinnamon, topped with fresh raspberries and walnuts

A glass of coconut water and a mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar




Tuna and mozzarella toastie on wholemeal bread and a smoothie (made with strawberries, coconut milk, avocado and honey)


Vegetable antipasto which included mixed vegetables marinated in olive oil, mixed olives, salad and mozzarella

Chicken stuffed with basil, mozarella and wrapped in parma ham accompanied by cauliflower, carrots and broccoli in butter.


I managed 30 minutes of lower body work out on the Wii and 4 laps of the swimming pool

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