Post Christmas Detox: Day 4

Fell off the wagon slightly today, although I don’t like to think of it as ‘failing’ or ‘cheating’ because that makes it sound like I’m doing something righteous the rest of the time, and I’m not. I’m just trying to eat a healthy, balanced and clean diet the majority of the time and respect that if I want to have something a bit less healthy occasionally then that’s ok too.

This is what I ate today.



Overnight bircher (oats soaked in oat milk topped with grated apple, seeds toasted in coconut oil and cinnamon and natural yoghurt

Glass of coconut water and a mug of hot water and apple cyder vinegar



Home made vegetable soup with a slice of sourdough toast topped with marmite and a handful of raspberries


Handful of mixed nuts and raisins


Take away Chicken Tikka Saag with mixed chickpeas, bulgarwheat and lentils flavoured with apricots and harissa paste


None I’m afraid, I slept in too late!

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