Wardrobe Edit: Day Twelve

Taking a photograph of the outfit you wear each day really forces you to consider that outfit with a critical eye. I have a tendancy to over-consider everything I do with a critical eye so I don’t need much help in this department but looking at a photograph of myself and the clothes I’m wearing each day, which let’s face it IS different to a quick glance in the mirror to check your skirts not tucked into your tights or something equally horrifying, has led me to re-think some of the outfits that I might otherwise have worn again and again thinking they looked fine.


Let’s take today’s outfit for example. I love this jumper, it was a Christmas present from the husband last year and it’s my go to item of clothing when I want to be warm and comfortable but still look reasonably nice. The thing is, I’ve lost weight since last Christmas and it’s now a size too big. I think I’d been kidding myself that I was going for the baggy grunge look so it was fine, but actually I think it just looks too big, baggy and shapeless. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, it’s time to let go and invest in a new jumper that I’ll love just as much I’m sure, but will also fit me. There can be no room in the capsule wardrobe for anything that doesn’t fit properly. This must include beloved jumpers.


This is what I wore today:


Jumper – Topshop

Dress – Dorothy Perkins

Tights – Florence & Fred at Tesco

Boots – Mango


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