Wardrobe Edit: Day Thirteen

Okay confession time, I forgot to take a photograph of my outfit for today but I did remember to take a photograph of my party outfit for my work’s Christmas party and I WAS going to try and convince you that this is what I wore all day because I am THAT glamorous but I thought maybe you might not believe me so I’ve come clean.

I will say this however, since paring back my wardrobe to, a not quite minimalist but reduced none the less, version of it’s former self, I found getting ready to go out super easy and efficient! Okay I had decided what to wear before hand which helped but I had fewer shoes and fewer bags to decide from and as a result was able to make quick efficient decisions and we got to the part on time and un-flustered!

There has got to be something in this I think as all the research I’ve done around minimalist and capsule wardrobes has promised me less stress as a result of less decision making. I always thought that having less options would equal more stress but now I’m starting to wonder whether they might all be right!


This is what I wore tonight:


Sequined jumper – Topshop

Ballerina skirt – Topshop

Shoes – Vintage



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