Wardrobe Edit: Day Ten

With Black Friday having taken the UK by storm (despite this being beyond weird as we don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving here as far as I’m aware) it seemed only natural to talk in tonight’s post about  The sale purchase Vs The investment.

I love getting a bargain as much as the next person, but am I really getting a bargain if it’s not actually something that I wanted in the first place? All I’m really achieving is cluttering up my wardrobe, increasing my number of possessions and therefore heightening my stress levels.

There’s so much pressure these days to spend money on things we don’t need and I’ve fallen into this trap countless time before so my new years resolution (albeit a little earlier) is to try and avoid buying things that I don’t need just because they’re cheap. I still plan to go to the sales but I will consider each item very carefully and will be asking myself “would I still buy this if it was full price?” if the answer is no then it’ll back on the rail, if the answer is yes then get in shopping bag!


This is what I wore today:



Jeans – H&M

Shirt- Topshop

Jumper – H&M

Boots – T K Maxx


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