Wardrobe Edit: Day Nine

I quite liked today’s outfit, it wasn’t exactly minimal but I guess most of what I was wearing would go with other things probably? I’ve been thinking recently about the amount of effort that should go into your “style”. When people look really good, people say that they look “effortlessly stylish” implying that to look really good, it should take no effort at all. One of my colleagues at work always looks really good and so I asked her yesterday if she has a capsule wardrobe or whether it’s just coincidence that a lot of her clothes are quite interchangeable. It turns out she doesn’t have a capsule wardrobe, she just really likes everything she wears. So maybe that’s it. Maybe good effortless style just comes from know what your personal style is and only buying things that you really, really like? Maybe.


This is what I wore today…


Skirt – H&M

T-shirt – Topshop

Jumper = H&M

Tights – Florence & Fred at Tesco

Boots – Mango



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