Wardrobe Edit: Day Eight

Self awareness. I suppose most of us have it to some degree or other but can it influence the way we dress and the clothes we choose? Can you practice self restraint to allow you to achieve a more long term goal was a topic that came up in a training session that I attended today and so I got to thinking about this in the context of my capsule wardrobe. During a spur of the moment shopping trip last night, I accidentally ended up in H&M (I’ve no idea how…) and as old habits die hard I ended up making a bee line for the sale rail where I found a ridiculous top featuring a repeating pattern of cats. It was £5, a bargain right? Wrong. I don’t need a top featuring a repeating pattern of cats. I don’t even need any tops, I have a wardrobe full of tops that I’m currently in the middle of downsizing whilst blogging about it. The last thing I need is more tops! And really, what would a top featuring a repeating pattern of cats actually go with? It’s not exactly “neutral”! So I left it on the sale rail, and I was actually quite pleased with myself because what I did right then was to practice self restrain in order to achieve a longer term goal, the goal being a minimalist capsule wardrobe. Not only did I save myself a fiver but I also became more self aware. Hurrah!


This is what I wore today…



Skirt – Vintage

Striped T-shirt – H&M

Black cardigan – H&M

Tights – Boden

Boots – Mango

I think I quite like this outfit, the T-shirt is fairly neutral and goes with quite a lot of other items in my wardrobe. The skirt I bought as a bit of a statement piece when midi-length skirts were all in vogue but I’m not sure it’s versatile to work on enough occasions. It’ll go back in the wardrobe for now but I think I’ll have to see whether I wear it again before I make any firm decisions.


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