Wardrobe edit: Day Seven

And so we conclude the first week of the wardrobe edit challenge. I read something last night which made me think I’m actually going about this the wrong way. In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I believe the way we dress can represent who we are. James Wallman in his book “Stuffocation, Living More with Less” (Penguin Books 2015) comments that in a new era of Experientialism “we will express our identities, and signify who we are – our character, our individuality – not through the purchase and ritual display of physical objects, however rare and valuable they may be, but through activities, adventures and encounters we experience. Perhaps I’m missing the point. Minimalism requires a certain amount of realism and common sense, we can’t for example walk around naked or with only one set of clothes, it’s just not practical. But perhaps clothes, just like possessions, shouldn’t define us. Perhaps that’s what keeping it simple is all about, wearing neutral tones, minimising your wardrobe to the bear essentials, simple shapes and colours. It’s not a way of defining yourself (although in some sense you could say that it is in that it represents your minimalist beliefs) but rather it’s about living as simply as possible within the realms of reality and practicality. Whoah, that’s a bit deep for a Tuesday night!


This is what I wore today…


Shirt – Zara

Jeans – H&M

Cardigan – Urban Outfitters

Boots – Mango

Feel free to discuss, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my ramblings!


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