Wardrobe Edit: Day Six

Another day, another outfit. This challenge is really giving me an insight into what the clothes that I love and the clothes that I love to wear, and there’s the difference. I have many pieces in my wardrobe that I think are beautiful, works of art almost, or that’s how I see them anyway, but  very rarely wear them. Sometimes it’s because I lack the confidence to wear them, sometimes it’s because I have a two year old and I’m afraid they’ll get wrecked. Sometimes it’s because I don’t go anywhere nice enough to wear them but often it’s because they don’t go with the other things in my wardrobe because deep down I know it’s not my style, it’s not how I want to look.

I’ve been thinking a lot about minimalism recently, not just with regards to my wardrobe but with the rest of my belongings, my daughters belongings, my house and actually, my life in general. I want to try and achieve a simpler way of living in the hopes that I can really start to live my life and enjoy it, after all, we’re only given one shot at it!

So you see, it all ties in and I think having a simplistic, minimalist wardrobe, reducing the choices I have to make and actually just looking at all the lovely coordinating colours hanging alongside each other, has got to contribute towards making my day easier, simpler and happier. Doesn’t it? I strongly believed that what you put on each day can be a really effective way of representing yourself and I have always tried to express myself through the way I dress, I haven’t always achieved it but that’s another blog post for some other time, so why not express minimalism through simplistic dressing? It makes sense.

So what am I enjoying wearing? It might be influenced by the Season but I’m being drawn to grey, blue and black tones in really simple pieces like a pair of skinny jeans or an over-sized shirt. As a result there are currently only a few items that have currently won themselves a place back in my wardrobe at the end of the month. I’ve developed a much keener eye for what inspires me at the moment and what kind of stores stock the sort of clothes I like. A friend at work had on a really stylish outfit today that would have worked perfectly in my dream capsule wardrobe. I asked her where she bought her clothes and she told me that much of that outfit had come from Zara (a shop I’ve been cyber drooling over for the last couple of weeks).

This is what I wore today:



Leather trousers – River Island

Jumper – H&M

Shoes – H&M

Scarf – Accessorize


I really love this outfit, although the trousers don’t allow for a lot of breathing or a large meal and the footwear was probably an error for November as it ended up pouring down with rain on the afternoon but I think this outfit will be surviving the cull for now.




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