Wardrobe Edit: Day Four

Today was a snow day so warm clothing was imperative and as I was just slumming round the house with the littl’un I didn’t bother making much of an effort I’m afraid!


This is what I wore today:



Jumper – TK Maxx

Jeans – Florence & Fred for Tesco


The jeans are my go to pair for comfort and also when I know I might be participating in activities that involve glitter and play-dough so I think they will most likely be earning themselves a place in my wardrobe but the Jumper has a bit of a track record of being in and out of my wardrobe before so I’m not convinced it will make it’s way back in this time, it could be the end of the road.

I’ve been giving my wardrobe a lot of thought (as you can probably tell) and it’s looking like a simple edit might not be sufficient since I’m discovering a lot of my clothes are quite “stand alone” pieces rather than items that could slot easily into a capsule wardrobe, it could be that a complete overhaul is necessary which is more work than I’d anticipated but let’s see where the month takes me and then make some decisions. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say…


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