Wardrobe edit: Day Two

So day two of the wardrobe edit challenge and I picked another outfit that I’m unsure about, I don’t think there will be any clothes left in my wardrobe at the end of the month if this keeps up!


Here’s what I wore today:


T-shirt – Topshop

Trousers – Zara

Boots – TK Maxx

Belt – Vintage Moschino from a Charity shop

Bangles – I’ve had them forever, I can’t remember where they’re from I’m afraid!

I went through a phase of loving high waisted trousers, I’m actually a little bit still in that phase and I loved these Zara trousers but now I’m really scrutinizing every piece in my wardrobe my only criticism would be that they’re a little short so they go well with boots but I’m not so sure they’d go as well with flats. I haven’t decided yet whether this is grounds for dismissal but my thinking is that if they’re potentially not going to go with everything else that survives in my wardrobe then they have to go. The top is pretty basic and will probably go with other things so I’ll see how many more times I wear it and base my decision on that. I hope tomorrow is a killer outfit because I’m getting a little worried that I actually don’t like any of my clothes!


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