Wardrobe Edit: Day One

Today marked the first day of my wardrobe edit challenge. To recap, my aim is to achieve a capsule wardrobe, my strategy is to record what I wear each day for a month to help me decide what to edit out at the end of the 30 days. Anything that hasn’t been worn or doesn’t fit with the rest of the clothes I’ve worn is outta there. Harsh but fair.

So, here’s what I wore today:


Red blouse – Topshop

Grey wool mid length skirt – vintage

Black ankle boots- Mango

I’m not actually convinced by this outfit, I really like the colour and the style of the blouse but it’s quite short in length meaning it’s fine tucked into a skirt but I don’t think I’d wear it with jeans so it’s probably not very versatile. Perhaps a longer length shirt or blouse would work with more?

The skirt I also really love but I’m not sure what else in my wardrobe it would go with. I think I’ll make a decision on this based on how many times I wear it in the 30 days.

Not sure this outfit will survive the edit if I’m honest. What do you think?


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