In pursuit of a capsule wardrobe

Hello, my name’s Emma and I’m addicted to clothes. There I said it. I am addicted to clothes. I have far too many, or so my husband would have you believe and I’m starting to agree with him but I take a fair bit of convincing when it comes to my wardrobe because my style is quite eclectic and I like to have options. More recently though I’ve been listening to what he’s had to say about capsule wardrobes and how having less options can help to reduce stress levels and I’m starting to wonder if he’s right.

Apparently having both a capsule wardrobe and a love of clothes don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact spending time and effort thinking about what’s in your wardrobe and carefully selecting good quality items that can be teamed with anything else in your wardrobe actually shows a greater understanding and love of style and clothes than having a wardrobe packed with loads of things that don’t go together. There may be some sense to be made of this I think.

Since I reached my goal weight and discovered that I fit a size 10, I have hit the shops pretty heavily and have purchased things that I like, not necessarily that go with other things that I already have. I have a top, for example that pretty much only goes with one skirt but I love it so it’s survived previous wardrobe culls. I also very much like a bargain so I have items in my wardrobe that I know are probably not of the best quality, particularly shoes, for some reason I’ve never quite been able to bring myself to splash out on good quality shoes.

I really do love the idea of having more space in my wardobe to allow me to see what I have and to know that anything I pulled out would go with pretty much anything else so I decided to take baby steps towards trying to make this happen. With some guidance from blogger Caroline who has achieved a very nice capsule wardrobe, I proceeded with the following steps…

1. I took everything out of my wardrobe and only put it back in if it fitted me and I could say with my hand on my heart that it was my current style

2. I put everything that was too big, small or didn’t fit quite right in a bag for the charity shop

3. I put everything else, things that fit me but that I don’t really wear much and I can’t quite bring myself to get rid of in a bag to go into storage.

What I am left with is not quite a capsule wardrobe but certainly a condensed and more wearable wardrobe. My plan now is to see what items I wear over the next 30 days and then have another cull at the end of the 30 days to eliminate anything that I haven’t worn. I’m hoping this will give me a better idea of what my style is, what I enjoy wearing and it will also allow me to identify any gaps in my wardrobe so I can start to build up a collection of clothes that are interchangeable.

I will of course be blogging as I go along to give myself a visual reminder at the end of the experiment which clothes I have been wearing the most. Achieving a capsule wardrobe is not going to be something that will come easily to me, this is from the person who actually cries during wardrobe culls (usually tears of frustration because I can’t justify keeping that beautiful pair of irregular choice shoes with cherries and flowers on them because they don’t go with ANYTHING….but they’re so beautiful!) but ultimately I feel like I would benefit from a capsule wardrobe and I like the idea of it changing my attitude towards clothes shopping – the idea being that I shop less frequently for good quality items, thus reducing the amount of clutter in my wardrobe and, in the long run, saving money – all good stuff right?


So wish me luck on my journey and try not to judge me too harshly if I don’t achieve the dream capsule wardrobe straight away!


2 thoughts on “In pursuit of a capsule wardrobe

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I have really struggled with letting go of things that I thought I loved but I’m coming round to the idea of all killer and no filler (as Jorden would say!) I bet you could do it too if you wanted! ๐Ÿ™‚ x


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