CO YO Natural Coconut milk yoghurt: product review


I stumbled across this product whilst doing an online Tesco shop recently, looking for some other coconut related product that I forget now! My excitement levels were through the roof because it’s difficult enough to come by “clean” products like this even when you’re looking for them, no scratch that, hunting for them high and wide, never mind stumbling across them when not even trying…maybe it’s like that thing where you always find your house keys when you stop looking for them?

Anyway, the husband, seeing how excited I was, ordered a couple of pots to try and he definitely earned himself some brownie points that day because they just happen to be my next big foodie love affair. I love coconut products anyway, I’ll try anything coconut related whether you eat it, drink it or smother it all over your skin. I am a coconut fiend. This yogurt did not disappoint. The manufacturers describe it as “Heaven in a mouthful” and just this once I’m not calling bullshit on this tag-line, I could not agree more. It’s creamy, sweet and the best part sugar free and good for you! Although a word of caution, some varieties come with a layer of fruit which do contain 5.2g sugar per 100g, still not bad but just in case you’re completely sugar free…

The thing that makes these yogurts stand out and to me, makes them reliable is the fact that they were developed by nutritionists looking to source dairy and soya alternatives to yogurt. They have been popular in Australia for a while but the company “Planet Coconut” now run COYO in the UK, based in Kent and are dedicated to bring us dairy free deliciousness. They are also vegan friendly, contain no added sugar and although they’re not registered organic, they use only pesticide and chemical free coconuts.

They even do an ice cream range including favours such as raw chocolate, vanilla and nutmeg and sticky date. The tricky bit? Deciding which flavour to have!

Next on my list to try is CO YO raw chocolate yogurt using cacao…if there’s anything that could make these yogurt better, it’s the addition of chocolate and they big fat went and made it happen!


10 thoughts on “CO YO Natural Coconut milk yoghurt: product review

    • Absolutely agree, they’re so creamy they taste like they can’t possibly be good for you!I am also a little obsessed with everything coconut at the moment, I’ve even switched to coconut beauty products! I’m now wondering why I ever bothered with anything that didn’t totally nourish my body…


    • Ah, that’s a shame you didn’t like the chocolate ones. I’ve not tried one yet but have one in the fridge to have at some point. The littlun has tried one and she seemed to like it but then she’s quite easily pleased when it comes to food!! 🙂 Let me know if you give the fruit one a try!! x


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