IQS: Day Twenty One

So today marks the last day of the detox stage of my quitting sugar. Tomorrow I can start to add some fruit and “safe” sugar alternatives to my diet. Strangely I’m not as excited as I thought I might be about this. In fact when I was planning ahead to what breakfast I might make tomorrow (always one step ahead!) I planned a sugar free option completely forgetting that I could have some low fructose berries or a bit of rice malt syrup. I am a little nervous about starting to add sugar back in if I’m honest because I don’t my sweet tooth to come back after all my efforts to re-calibrate my system. I guess the thing to do is to try it a little bit at a time and see how it goes. I could always do another week of detox if I felt the need and the 8 week IQS program does address what to do if you lapse so I’m not on my own with it.

Anyway, here’s what day twenty one looked like…


Chocolate porridge made with oat milk, oats, cacao powder, chia seeds, peanut butter and topped with chopped nuts

1 glass of coconut water

1 mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar


Chole Curry (spicy Punjabi chickpea curry) with boiled rice

Chai Tea



Wholemeal spaghetti with home made pesto, peas and green beans and topped with parmesan

Pancakes made with buckwheat flour, peanut butter, cacao powder, cinnamon and oat milk and topped with whipped coconut cream




Small handful of salted Kettlechips

mug of Organic Pukka Night time tea


2 thoughts on “IQS: Day Twenty One

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 I’m not quite finished my sugar-free challenge yet but I am feeling much better for eating less natural sugars and giving up refined sugars completely. How long have you been sugar free?


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