IQS: Day Nineteen

I’m started to get a bit excited about the prospect of being able to have some fruit next week, but oddly enough not because I’m looking forward to the sweet taste but more because it will allow me to vary my recipes a little, particularly with porridge. I’ve been reading a lot of recipes recently for super-interesting sounding porridge toppers and I’m keen to try them!

I got an exciting parcel in the post yesterday as well, which in my excitement to collect from my bemused neighbour, who had kindly taken receipt of it for me, I accidentally turned up on the doorstop holding Molly’s toothbrush which I had been in the middle of getting ready for bedtime when I found the “you have missed a parcel” card. Anyway, it turned out to be my Malt Rice syrup which I was very pleased about as I’ve been trying to track this stuff down all over the place. It features a lot in Sarah Wilson’s book “I quit sugar” which has been my bible recently and over the next few weeks I get to try lots of yummy recipes using this “safe” sugar alternative.

Anyway, here’s what day nineteen looked like…


Chocolate porridge using cacao powder, peanut butter, oats, milk and chia seeds, topped with walnuts, alonds and flaxseeds.

1 mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar

1 glass of coconut water


Handful of home made salted popcorn

`1 mug of peppermint tea


Home made vegetable soup using sweet potato, beetroot, leek, swede and organic vegetable stock

Organic natural Greek Yoghurt topped with cinnamon and mixed nuts & seeds



Couple of teaspoons of organic 100% peanut butter


Grilled chicken breast served with bacon,  mozzarella,  pesto mayonnaise, corn on the cob, sweet potato fries and coleslaw



Fresh baby coconut flesh and water

Organic Pukka Night Time tea


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