IQS: Day Eighteen

I’ve noticed a lot of changes that have taken place during the course of this experiment. I have noticed that I’m no longer thinking about sugar 24/7 (previously I was sub-consciously consuming it in yoghurts and other unsuspecting places, but at the same time planning my day around my next sugar hit; I would save up calories to allow me to have a bit of chocolate on the evening!) but I’ve also noticed that I’m satisfied with smaller meal portions and I no longer always feel the need for something sweet at the end of a meal (although I do sometimes like a sneaky teaspoon of almond butter when I think no-ones looking) I know it’s still early days but I feel like I’ve made good tracks towards changing the way I eat for good and after all, wasn’t that the point of this whole exercise?

Anyway, here’s what day eighteen looked like…


Chocolate porridge made with cacao powder, oat milk, peanut butter and chia seeds and topped with mixed nuts

1 glass of coconut water

1 mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar


Oven baked salmon with mixed salad leaves and topped with home made garlic mayonnaise

CO YO coconut milk yoghurt topped with seeds and nuts

1 mug of Peppermint Tea



Home made pulled pork with buckwheat pancakes, lettuce, tomato, pepper and cucumber, sour cream and cheese served with sweet potato chips



Organic Pukka night time tea

Salted popcorn


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