IQS: Day fourteen

I didn’t really feel like eating much at breakfast this morning and just really fancied some simple veggies rather than my usual porridge or eggs. We were out and about at lunch time which meant that I had to navigate a not particularly “clean” menu. I opted for rustic bean casserole with crusty bread but sadly this turned out to be mixed beans in a suspiciously sweet tasting tomato sauce and a white part-baked baguette. I ate it out of hunger but left most of the bread as I couldn’t bring myself to eat white bread. I have my suspicions that the tomato sauce probably contained sugar so that’s pretty annoying, but there wasn’t much of it so I’m just going to try and put it behind me and move on. By the time I got home I was starving hungry so I have snacked today as well. All in all not a great day, but I’m going to try not to dwell on it. It can be so difficult trying to eat healthily when out and about, I’m starting to think we should just take picnics everywhere – this would probably please Molly as she loves a good picnic!!

Anyway, this is what day fourteen looked like…


Smoothie made with cucumber, avocado, spinach and coconut water

1 mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar

Handful of almonds



Rustic bean casserole in a tomato sauce and a small amount of white baguette (this is probably the worst meal I’ve eaten in ages!)


2 organic brown rice crackers with organic 100% crunchy peanut butter

1 mint tea

1 glass of coconut water


Spaghetti Carbonara made with spelt spaghetti, bacon, parmesan, eggs and garlic.


Hot chocolate made with coconut milk, oat milk, cacao powder, cinnamon and nutmeg


4 thoughts on “IQS: Day fourteen

  1. When I was growing up with 2 vegetarians in the family it could be really tricky finding places to eat. But that has changed quite a lot in the past 20 years. So I hope that as people, like you, continue to raise awareness of what is in our food more and more places provide healthier options for us all.


    • Thanks littlebuttonblog, there are definitely more healthy places to eat out and about now and more and more places are being conscious of organic and local produce but unfortunately these places are still in the minority. Hopefully I can try to weed out the better places to visit and let people know about them (all in the name of research you understand!) πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, not as good as I’d liked but not too bad in the scheme of things. I find clean eating really difficult when I’m out and about and worry because you don’t have as much control over what goes into your food. Still can’t be a hermit all my life!


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