IQS: Day thirteen

This morning is the first morning that I woke up not consciously thinking about my IQS challenge, rather I automatically planned sugar-free meals in my head without necessarily thinking of them as being sugar-free! I am choosing to see this is a positive sign than my body is starting not to think about sugar as my go to food of choice anymore…I also noticed that my cacao porridge tasted more rich and chocolaty than normal so perhaps my taste buds are adjusting to appreciate less sweet tastes? Maybe, just maybe, the experiment is actually working…!

Here’s what day thirteen looked like…


Chocolate porridge made with oats, cacao powder and oat milk and topped with nuts and flaxseeds



Left over tarka dahl, chicken sag and cauliflower rice

Glass of coconut water



Vegetable and pearl barley casserole made with home made chicken stock with a buckwheat dumpling crust and sweet potato mash

1 mug of peppermint tea

1 mug of hot water and apply cyder vinegar



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