IQS: Day eleven

Last night was all about the sugar cravings! Up till this point I have been merrily thinking to myself how easy giving up sugar was, all the time being lulled into a false sense of security. It’s actually way hard! I am comforting myself with the thought that I’m almost 2 thirds of the way through my sugar detox stage and the week after next I can have some fruit…some actual fruit! In the mean time I’m conscious of upping my vegetable intake to ensure I’m getting all the goodness my body needs. This has involved coming up with some creative ways to use veggies as I’ve never been a fan of eating them neat and strangely they just don’t work as well as fruit when it comes to porridge toppers! In the name of research we also decided to venture into the City to try out a Vegetarian & Vegan restaurant that has recently changed ownership – as I say, purely in the name of research you understand.

This is what day eleven looked like…



Chocolate Pancakes made with buckwheat flour, chia seeds, eggs, milk, cacao powder and cinnamon

1 mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar

Smoothie containing spinach, cucumber, avocado and coconut water




Leftover wholewheat spaghetti with home made pesto, sugar snap peas and pine nuts

Handful of almonds



Mezze of olives, dahl and roasted peanuts with carrot and celery sticks

Vegetable tagine including sweet potato, courgette, tomato and spinach with boiled rice (wouldn’t normally eat white rice but that’s what the  meal came with – I donated the pitta bread to husband)

Glass of red wine

Dandelion Tea

Salted popcorn (we were at the cinema  – it was kind of the law!)




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