Maddisons, Independent Drinks House and Eatery: Review


Masddisons is an independent drinks house and eatery in the little town of Consett, County Durham. It’s about a 10 minute walk from my parents house and is my go to place when we’re celebrating or when we fancy treating ourselves. Back when we discovered this place I’d never heard of clean eating and so my order of choice was a huge slice of their Malteaser cake and one of their amazing specialty shakes, made with milk, ice cream and a guilty pleasure of your choice; mine was always a Daim bar but the Oreo cookie was good too! Now I’m afraid to say that both these things are off the menu for me but over the years their menu has expanded and developed and there are now plenty of clean and healthy options for me to pick from which means we can still go on enjoying our favorite place to eat – good stuff!


The menu boasts a wide selection of cakes and scones, specialty coffees and teas and shakes or if you’re popping in for breakfast (and you really should) you can choose anything from a full English to eggs cooked in a variety of ways (I recommend the Baked eggs) or for something a bit lighter, home made granola served with Greek Yogurt, honey or jam. I really wanted to try the granola the last time we went in for breakfast but unsurprisingly they had sold out – I guess the early bird gets the worm, or the granola in this case.

If you’re heading there for lunch you’re in for a treat. The menu at first glance looks fairly standard, all the usual offerings are there but with a twist which gives the diner a really decadent and unique experience. It now offers a selection of mouthwatering salads (there’s something I never thought I’d say a bout a salad! –  I’m going back for the parma ham, rocket, pecan and blue cheese salad!) the sandwiches and “street-food” menu includes food such as Fajita Schnitzel and Sloppy Joe which makes you feel like you should be sat in a hip cafe in New York, not Consett. It’s only references to their local heritage in food such as the  Red Hot Geordie Dog that reminds you where you actually are! New to the menu were also a selection of flatbreads with a variety of toppings which all sounded delicious.



I was pleased to see that they make a conscious effort to cater for people of all dietry needs and could offer gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options to most things on the menu, all you need do was let them know you’re requirements. There was also the option with all meals that included bread to have either white or wholemeal which was fantastic. All their meals are prepared and cooked to order, so you know you’re getting something home made and the ingredients are all sourced locally where possible. All good stuff.

In the end, and there was a lot of deliberating, I went for the chicken, pesto and pine nut wholemeal flat bread with a side of sweet potato fries (literally cannot get enough of sweet potato fries at the moment!) It lived up to my expectations and I devoured the entire thing, although I did share my fries with Molly (now that’s love!)



The Husband went for a Deep South Hog burger with a side of sweet potato fries,  although how he ever made a decision I will never know as the food is right up his street and I’d imagine he probably wished he could try a bit of everything! He reported that it was totally delicious which is high praise indeed from him as he is somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to street food.


Molly considered the “Little People” menu very carefully and decided that she would like a Picky Plate, tomato soup and garlic bread (which wasn’t even on the menu) after some persuasion she eventually settled for just the picky plate (I do feed her honestly!) which consisted of chicken strips, cucumber, bread, cheese and carrot sticks. The food was all really good quality and there was loads of it. It was presented beautifully in little pots so she could pick at what she wanted like a little picnic. She also had a baby-chino which turned out to be enormous so she needed a little help negotiating the cup, but she felt very grown-up having the same coffee cup as Mummy and Daddy and drank most of it up.




Although, I don’t think they provide high-chairs, they never used to but they might now, to be honest we didn’t ask when we were last there because Molly is getting big enough to sit up on a chair, they do provide booster seats which clip onto the chairs and their “Little people” menu is really nicely put together, offering a wide variety of fresh and healthy food that would appeal to both the child and the parent.  A member of staff also clocked that we had Molly with us when we first arrived and brought over some giant wooden dominoes to play with which went down very well (and not just with Molly!)




So definitely somewhere you can take the littluns, or if you’d rather not take them, then in the evening this place turns into a really nice wine and cocktail bar – sorted!

The quirky decor and warm, laid back atmosphere in Maddisons along with the friendly and good humored staff, make this a really nice place to come and relax and enjoy some damn fine food. There’s definitely something for everyone and it meets all our awkward requirements. It remains one of our favorite places to eat and drink and I’m sure at some point I’ll be popping back in for a cheeky piece of malteaser cake – once in a while can’t hurt right?! Or maybe I could challenge them to make a clean eating sugar free cake for me?



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