IQS: Day seven

I made it to a week!! Very pleased with myself, only 2 more weeks to go (yikes!) I noticed that during the first week of this experiment I still felt the need for something after my meals and where I would normally have something sweet, I’ve been replacing it with peanut butter, coconut or nuts which I guess is okay but I’m conscious of gaining weight so I thought I’d try not having anything at all after my meal. This worked great, for about 3 hours and then I felt the need to snack. I’m not sure I was even hungry, just stressed I think, but even so I ended up eating what I would normally just have eaten at lunch time – whoops!

Here’s how today looked…


Chia & Almond pudding (chia seeds soaked overnight in almond milk)

1 mug of hot water and apple cyder vinegar

1 glass of coconut water



Sarah Wilson’s roasted red pepper soup with a Finnish scone

1 mug of peppermint tea



2 organic wholegrain brown rice crackers with 100% peanut butter

1 mug of Pukka 3 Cinnamon tea


Bolognese made with celery, red pepper, aubergine, onion and mince with Courgette spaghetti and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Natural Greek Yogurt topped with crushed mixed nuts, cinnamon, organic flaxseeds and fresh coconut

glass of coconut water



Organic Pukka Night time tea


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