IQS: Day six

Today started well, everyone was at home for once so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then we ended up having lunch out at one of my favourite places to eat (watch this space for a review coming soon!) which was lovely. Managed to keep it fairly “clean” and sugar free although it was tough not being able to pick some of lovely looking salads from the menu (many of them contained fruit or honey dressings, both of which are a no go at the moment).

Here’s what day six looked like…


Sarah Wilson’s buckwheat Gazettes ( a sort of savoury pancake made using buckwheat flour, egg and milk) filled with prosciutto ham and cheese.

1 mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar

1 glass of coconut water




Chicken, pesto, pine nuts and rocket on a wholemeal flatbread

Sweet potato fries

1 pot of peppermint tea



Some pieces of coconut flesh


Vegetable and chickpea burger with mozzarella, salad, sweet potato chips (again – I love them) and corn on the cob with organic butter

Organic natural Greek style yogurt topped with chia seeds, desiccated coconut, crushed mixed nuts and sunflower seeds



Pukka Organic night time tea


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