IQS: Day Five

My brain has started playing tricks on me. One the one hand it’s telling me “you’re probably weaned off sugar by now, it’s been ages and you’re not craving it any more, go on, why don’t you just have some fruit” and on the other hand I had total breakfast envy when my husband swirled honey into his porridge this morning, which leads me to think I’m not weaned off sugar at all and I am still craving it. So, no sugar for me, perseverance is key, I still have just over another 2 weeks to go.

Here’s how today looked…


Sarah Wilson’s Courgette cheesecake with salad

1 Mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar

glass of coconut water


Sarah Wilson’s roasted red pepper soup with home made Finnish Scone

2 rice crackers with organic peanut butter



Carbonara with wholemeal spaghetti

Coconut water and flesh from a whole baby coconut




Home made salted popcorn

Mug of hot chocolate made with oat milk, caco powder, peanut butter and vanilla essence


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