IQS: Day Four

Today, apart from thighs hurting from too many squats (but you probably didn’t need to know that), I’m feeling good. I woke up craving a smaller, simpler breakfast after all the cheese and egg-citement (sorry!) of the last couple of days so I don’t know if that’s my bodies way of telling me it has enough now? Possible I guess. I also seem to have gone a bit crazy and over pre-prepared food for this week so I had three possible lunch options to pick from!

Here’s what day four looked like…


Chocolate porridge (porridge oats, caco and peanut butter topped with crushed pistachio and hazelnuts)


Cauliflower rice topped with left over Tarka-dahl

Pieces of coconut flesh and a handful of almonds



Cod with a pesto crust, sweet potato chips and peas

Organic natural set yogurt with cinnamon and flaked almonds



Small piece of cheese

Mug of Organic Pukka Night time tea


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