IQS: Day Three

Today was a bit of strange day as I was at home and invariably end up eating differently when I’m not at work because my routine is all out. I found that our breakfast was so enormous that I just wasn’t hungry at lunch time so ended up having quite a small lunch but then, as a result, was hungry way before dinner and ended up snacking. We then decided to get an Indian Takeaway instead of going out so I sort of guessed at what would be best to eat but really, I’m not sure whether my choices were sensible or not.

Here’s what day three looked like….


Scrambled eggs with left over broccoli pesto, sliced ham, 1 slice of rye & pumpkin seed toast with organic butter and tomatoes.

Pick-me-up Mojhito smoothie (mint, avocado, coconut water and vanilla essence)

mug of hot water with apple cyder vinegar



2 organic rice cakes with peanut butter



pieces of coconut flesh and a handful of almonds


Mixed Tandoori kebab, Tarka dahl, saag paneer with salad and organic natural set yogurt. (I absolutely just guessed at what might be best as obviously you relinquish control of what goes in your food when you eat out but I figured that the tarka dahl would be keep me filled up and provide some fibre being mostly chick peas, the tandoori kebab meat I decided might be a healthier option as it’s not fried like other meats, and the saag paneer was possible a mistake to be honest but at least it had lots of spinach in it!! Let’s just hope they used coconut milk instead of cream…)



Peppermint Tea

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