IQS: Day Two

Okay, I’ve made it to day two, I’m still alive and I haven’t killed anyone (although I did pre-warn all my work colleagues that I was quitting Sugar so they’re giving me a wide berth I think!)

Today has been all about the eggs and cheese – upping the protein and replacing the sugar with good fats was the order of the day. This was sort of intentional, I eat a lot of porridge on the morning and was keen to explore some different options, but I also wanted to try some new recipes and accidentally planned two eggy/cheesy recipes for the same day. Oh well…it’s all good!

I made today’s lunch the night before and to be honest it was a bit of a pain in the bum. It was a little bit my fault as I realised upon getting home from the supermarket that I needed double the amount of ricotta that I actually bought…so back I went. All this running back and forth to the shops meant that I didn’t even get started on the recipe until about 9pm and then discovered that it took 1.5 hours to cook. It was at this point that I contemplated giving up and taking a sandwich, but never one to be defeated I cracked on and at about 10.30pm I rejoiced in my perseverance. Plus it made the house smell lovely all night and I went to bed dreaming of lovely warm cheesy flan….ok, bit weird I know.

Anyway, here’s what day two looked like…


Sarah Wilson’s bacon and egg cupcakes (basically baked eggs in bacon with cheese and herbs – totally delicious!)

1 glass of coconut water

1 mug of hot water and apple cyder vinegar



Sarah Wilson’s Courgette Cheesecake (consists of grated courgette, feta, parmesan, lots more ricotta than you’d expect and eggs) on a bed of baby spinach.

Natural set yoghurt with flaked almonds and cinnamon.




Sausage and betroot hash with sweet potato mash and halloumi

Fresh Coconut water and coconut





Mug of Organic Pukka night time tea


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