IQS: Day One

So today I embark on my sugar free journey, armed only with my IQS handbook/cook book, a very large jar of 100% peanut butter and a spoon.

I’m approaching this test with trepidation (am I going to experience actual withdrawal symptoms? Am I going to be able to do it?) and excitement (how will I feel if it works and I actually manage to wean myself off sugar?) but despite my anxieties, it’s got to be worth a punt right? I think so.

Here’s what day one looked like…


Chocolate Porridge: porridge oats made with caco powder, peanut butter and chia seeds and topped with hazelnuts and pistachio nuts.

Glass of coconut water and a mug of hot water and apple cyder vinegar.



Home-made tomato and basil soup with 1 slice of rye and pumpkin seed bread

1 rice cracker spread with peanut butter.

1 mug of peppermint tea.



Buckwheat, pea and asparagus risotto.

Organic natural set yogurt with flaked almonds and cinnamon.



Pukka Organic night time tea


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