Broom House Farm: Review


Broom House Farm  is a livestock farm in the Witton Gilbert area of County Durham. It’s an amazing resource that we’re extremely lucky to have on our doorstep and we frequent often! In fact, we were there when I went into labour with Molly and it was one of the first places that we took her when we ventured out of the house with her at just a few days old, so its definitely been at the center of family life for us!

The aim of the farm is to produce all their own replacement animals on the farm to try and provide the highest quality livestock through their breeding program. Their Aberdeen Angus cattle, Lleyn sheep, Saddleback pigs and laying hens are all reared outside and the farm grows its own oats, barley, kale and turnips to enable them to keep bought in feeds to a minimum. As a result of all this the farm were awarded their full organic status in 2007.


As well as it being a lovely place to teach Molly about the animals (she loves seeing the piglets) we also, on occasions, treat ourselves to a visit to the coffee shop where you can sample all sorts of tasty things such as home made cakes and soups to full Sunday dinners and the most amazing cooked breakfast using fresh produce from the farm. They offer gluten free bread and have a exhaustive range of fruit and herbal teas and because the meat is guaranteed to be high quality it makes clean eating there really easy! The last time we went I chose poached egg on gluten free toast with organic butter and a peppermint tea.



We also like to buy all our meat from the Farm’s shop where they have a full butchers set up and also top quality burgers and sausages, home made bread, seasonal fruit and veg and supply organic produce such as butter, cheese and honey.   Buying meat this way possibly works out a little more expensive but we prefer to cut down on our meat intake instead, knowing that when we do eat meat it’s of the highest possible quality. We even bought an amazing pork joint for our Christmas Dinner last year and were enjoying pulled pork for months afterwards – so much better than left over turkey!

The Farm is really family friendly, the fact that they have piglets and ducks makes them pretty much a winner in Molly’s eyes anyway but they also have a huge outdoor play area with sandpits, swings, mini-tractors and a wooden fort to keep the littlies entertained and at various times of the year they have special seasonal events such as Easter trails, Lamb Watch and a Father Christmas experience which involves a tractor and trailer ride and breakfast with the elves (I have to admit it was the pull of the brekkie that got us booking this one last year!) And although we haven’t actually experienced it yet as Molly is still a bit too small, they do offer a Broom House Forest Adventure as well which involves nature trails and woodland challenges like zip wires.


Broom House really is a lovely friendly environment to spend some family time in and if you’re into buying sustainable, good quality and delicious food, whether you’re clean eating or not, then it’s definitely worth a visit. Just have to get them making clean eating cakes now and I’ll be moving in!


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