Gourmet Burger Kitchen: Review


After a recent plan to eat at one of our favourite clean eating places were scuppered due to nightmare lack of parking situation which had the husband driving round Tynemouth in circles for what seemed like hours, we ended up, in desperation at 2.00 in the afternoon, having lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK).

I LOVE burgers, probably a bit too much, as does the husband and Molly is taking after both her parents in her shared love of a good burger and chips (although she’s definitely more in favour of the chips than the burger..I think she’d probably quite like a large portion of chips with a mini burger on the side rather than the other way round!)


We noticed that there was a gluten free menu on offer which featured most of the burgers from the main menu but with a soft gluten free bread bun. There was also an option of going “naked” (don’t worry, this didn’t involve removing any clothing items) and instead of having a bread bun at all, choosing between a green salad or corn on the cob. They pride themselves on using 100% prime beef grass fed and traditionally reared on independent farms across the South West Counties. Taking all of this into account, and given my LOVE of burgers, I was tempted to go for one. However at the last minute, the Goats Cheese salad caught my eye. This consisted of grilled goats cheese, vegetable crisps, beetroot, semi-dried tomatoes, hazelnuts, mixed leaves and pomegranate dressing. It was really, really tasty and although not a burger, it was possibly even better and didn’t leave me feeling full and bloated afterwards. I did treat myself and have it with sweet potato fries though….well, it would have been rude not to!

IMG_20150823_144205~2 IMG_20150823_144201~2

Jorden went for a burger (of course) and Molly had a veggie burger and chips which she enjoyed. The Junior menu consisted of a burger of choice (beef, chicken or veggie), a side of choice (chips, fries, salad or corn) and a drink of choice (fruit juice, milkshake or water) and came with a coloring in sheet and crayons which kept her busy while we waited for the food although she was fairly distracted by the complimentary peanuts that we also enjoyed whilst we waited.

IMG_20150823_142513~2 IMG_20150823_141042~2

IMG_20150823_144538~2 IMG_20150823_142114~2

All in all, we had a really nice meal. Molly and Jorden enjoyed their burgers, I not only managed to find something “clean” on the menu but I really enjoyed it as well and there was plenty to do pre-meal to keep little minds active and engaged. We’ll definitely be going back to GBK at some point in the future!


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