Pret-a-Manger Review

Whilst out and about shopping the other day, Molly suggested that we stopped for a drink and a snack (she’s just like her Daddy, always thinking about food and no stamina for shopping!) I was slightly panic stricken as to where we would end up as the husband refuses to even entertain the idea of Starbucks on ethical grounds, which is fair enough, and lets face it most coffee shops = sugar laden muffins, cakes and lattes…don’t they?

We by-passed Muffin Break and Starbucks and ended up, by default really because it was the next coffee shop we came to, in Pret a Manger. I’d only really been in Pret a handful of times and certainly hadn’t been in since I’ve become conscious of clean eating so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get a “clean” snack and drink.


Despite Molly trying her best to encourage us to buy her some cake, she eventually settled for a bag of ‘naked’ nuts (i.e. not coated in anything) and a little pot of mango, apple, pineapple and melon (all more sugary fruits I realise but still better than a cake!) To drink I opted for a peppermint tea, my go to drink when I’m out and about because most places have it, Jorden chose a coffee and Molly got a baby-chino (warm whole milk) on the house which was great because if she didn’t drink it, we hadn’t wasted our money. As it happens she drank the whole blooming lot whilst loudly announcing “I’m having coffee with Mummy and Daddy”  which makes her a little madam because every time  I’ve actually bought her one in the past she’s never touched it.


I was really pleased to read that Pret builds a kitchen into each of their coffee shops (or as near as possible to the shop) and they make all their sandwiches and salads onsite using whole, organic ingredients. Their milk and coffee is completely organic and at the end of the day, anything that hasn’t been sold is donated to charity which is very admirable.

Their mission, they are proud to inform us is ” to create, handmade, natural food, avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today” Now that’s a mission I can get on board with. They also support animal welfare issues and are looking to build sustainability into what they do as well.

The coffee shop it’s self was very comfortable, the tables were clean and there were high chairs readily available and as I mentioned already they offer complimentary baby-chinos which wins my vote for family friendly coffee shop of the year.


As if this wasn’t all fabulous enough already, a quick look on their website lead me to a link called Pret recipes which had some amazing looking recipes for some tasty summer drinks. The one I’ll be trying is Coconut Crush. Here’s how to make it…

 Pour 250ml of coconut water and 100ml of coconut milk into your blender, add 1/4 cup of frozen pineapple (and for extra thickness add some fresh pineapple)

Add mint leaves and blend it up

Garnish with fresh mint leaves and enjoy!

So next time we’re out and about and in need of a drink and a snack, I will definitely be by-passing the other big chain coffee shops and making  a bee-line straight for Pret-a-Manger!


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