Madeleine Shaw’s Summer Salad: Grilled nectarine, parma ham and runner bean


This is the first recipe I made from my lovely shiny new copy of Madeleine Shaw’s book “Get the Glow” and to date I think it’s probably my favorite. It’s a perfect light summery meal for a lovely summery evening, although granted we haven’t had many of those! I was a bit worried that I would still be hungry afterwards but I think this is a bit of a misconception with salads. Because the ingredients were nourishing and healthy I felt full without being uncomfortably full or bloated and I didn’t feel the need for anything sweet afterwards due to the sweetness of the nectarines and the honey mustard dressing. Definitely a winner in our house. Molly enjoyed the runner beans and the nectarines but she did try the feta and the rocket as well.

Here’s what you need…

150g runner beans, sliced

2 nectarines

30g watercress

30g rocket

100g Parma ham

50g feta cheese, sliced

2 tbsp sesame seeds (optional)

3 tbsp Honey and Mustard Dressing (see below for recipe)

salt and pepper

and here’s what to do…

Pop the beans into a pan with a little water and a pinch of salt and steam for 5 minutes

Cut the nectarines into eighths, put them on a griddle plan over a medium heat and griddle for 2 minutes on each side (I just dry fried mine in a pan as I don’t have a griddle pan)

Put the watercress and rocket into a bowl and mix them together. Scatter the rest of the ingredients over the top, then pour over the dressing and finish with some cracked black pepper.

For the Honey Mustard dressing:

Here’s what you need…

8 tbsp olive oil

pinch of salt

1 tsp English mustard

1 tbsp runny honey

Here’s what to do…

Simply put all the ingredients in a jam jar, shake it with the lid on and pour over your salad.

Here’s what it looked like…




This was a super quick and easy recipe to make which made it a good one for a mid-week supper when we’ve all had busy days at work/playgroup. We’ll definitely be making it again this Summer whilst the ingredients are still seasonal! The only thing I struggled with was finding an English mustard that didn’t contain oodles of sugar so watch out for this.


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