Clean Eating: Day Seven

So we’ve completed a week and I think we’ve managed to stick quite well to the clean way of eating, more or less anyway! I’m feeling pretty good for it I have to say; I have more energy, my mood is improved and I haven’t craved refined sugar at all which is the biggest surprise to me as I thought I would really struggle with giving up my chocolate!

This is what day seven looked like…


Poached egg on a bed of rocket

Madeleine Shaw’s Glowing Green Breakfast smoothie

1 slice of gluten free seeded bread, toasted with home made raspberry jam

mug of peppermint tea



Pea & mint soup

1 apple sliced and dipped in Amelia Freer’s Rose, Apricot and Almond “yogurt”

Fruit salad of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and grapes

Handful of almonds

Madeleine Shaw’s raw chocolate ball

mug of green tea



Home made Carbonara made with bacon, organic cheddar, eggs and gluten free spaghetti

1 Madeleine Shaw’s raw chocolate ball

Handful of Cherries


Chamomile and Lavender tea


30 minutes of running



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