Clean Eating: Day Six

Nearly made it to a week and I’m actually feeling much better for it already. I’m not craving the sugar like I thought I would either which is great. Don’t dare weigh myself but in all honesty that was sort of the point of switching to this way of eating so I’m not obsessing over each and every pound!

This is what day six looked like…


Porridge oats made with part goats milk, part coconut milk, mashed banana and chai seeds and topped with blueberries, a handful of Madeleine Shaw’s home-made granola and home-made raspberry jam.

1 mug of decaf green tea



Ella Woodward’s Pea and Mint Soup (will post recipe soon!)

1 apple, cut up and dipped in organic, whole peanut butter

1 pear

1 piece of Ella Woodward’s raw chocolate brownie

IMG_20150817_124417~2 IMG_20150817_125141~2


Small slice of courgette and pistachio cake (made with un-refined muscovado sugar and rice flour by my lovely work colleague)

1 mug of peppermint tea



Courgetti with pesto and peas

Fruit salad

IMG_20150817_183621~2 IMG_20150817_184434~2


No exercise today, I had a day off!


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