An evening of “Sun down at Gibside”


We were recently invited to join some friends of ours at  Gibside’s Beer Garden for an evening of food, drink and music. Not ever being ones to turn down any of those things we gladly accepted the invitation although we weren’t sure what to expect – a beer garden at a National Trust property? Whatever next!

Whatever we had imagined, it was infinitely better with bells on! We arrived in the car park and began the short walk up to the cafe area with two very excited toddlers leading the way. In the distance we could hear music which turned out to be a busker singing and playing guitar, and we could see twinkly lights which turned out to be fairy lights strung through the trees. We could also smell delicious food smells which turned out to be a wood fired pizza oven and a BBQ selling pulled pork sandwiches, flat breads, burgers and baked potatoes.

The food looked so amazing that the only difficulty lay in deciding what to choose. In the end Jorden went for a burger, I chose pulled pork with a baked potato, sour cream and lettuce and Molly had a mushroom pizza. We weren’t disappointed, it was all totally delicious and the approving noises from Molly suggested that she agreed.




The music was provided by the Gibside Buskers who encourage people of all ages and styles to perform at the Sun down events. On this particular evening it was a charming man with a guitar singing lots of good tunes including some that I knew from my youth which took me back and added an air of nostalgia to the evening!IMG_20150815_193039~2

After dinner the littlies had great fun running around and playing on the wooden castle/fort in the children’s play area whilst the grown ups enjoyed a pint (well some of us did, the rest of us were too busy responding to shouts of “help” when a certain someone got stuck at the top of the castle/fort and caused a bit of a bottleneck situation!)

What a fantastic way to pass a warm(ish) Summer evening; enjoying great company, good music, delicious food, allowing the littlies to run off some steam ready for bed and doing all of this to the beautiful backdrop of the National Trust countryside. Apparently these Friday evening events were established as a response to the locals lamenting that there were very few decent places to drink in Rowlands Gill. Well I can’t think of a better place personally.

IMG_20150815_202903~2 IMG_20150815_202740~2


Finally I think this snippet of conversation had between Molly and Daddy last night just about sums up the evening…

Molly: “everyone’s having a lot of fun”

Daddy: “And is Molly having fun?”

Molly: “Yes”

…So we’re free next Friday night right?



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