Clean eating: Day three

I’m really not craving the sugar like I used to, I have allowed myself natural sugars in fruit and the odd small treat using more natural sugars like honey and maple syrup but I haven’t once needed to delve into a chocolate bar or a artificially sweetened yogurt.

Here’s what day three looked like:


Madeleine Shaw’s Home made granola with coconut milk, topped with fresh berries (keep posted for this recipe!)

1 mug of peppermint tea



Spicy parsnip and carrot soup (I can’t be totally sure what was in this as I was out and about and had to make a decision based on what was on offer – it was very tasty though!)


Sauteed chicken on a bed of mixed leaves with olives and sweet potato chips (I think I am now a bit obsessed with sweet potato chips!)

2 Madeleine Shaw’s raw chocolate balls (keep posted for the recipe for these!)


1 mug of chamomile and lavender tea


30 minutes of yoga


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