Clean Eating: Day Four

Today I knew was going to be difficult because I was eating out twice. At lunch time me and Molly had a picnic planned with one of our good friends who is very understanding about eating habits and so had helped me with my meltdown the night before when I texted her to say I just didn’t know what kind of food to take on a clean eating picnic – after all I’d only been eating clean for three days! She very helpful offered to make soup which I gratefully accepted and then I added bits and pieces to go with it, although i needn’t have bothered at it seemed as she was super organised and had brought along a feast of health treats! Dinner wasn’t as easy as I was very limited in the choices I could make but I haven’t fully decided to give up gluten yet so I figured a treat wouldn’t hurt and I don’t think there will have been much (if any) refined sugar in it.

Here’s what day four looked like…


Madeleine Shaw’s glowing green breakfast smoothie (keep posted for the recipe for this!)

1 apple, sliced and dipped into organic peanut butter

IMG_20150815_082650~2 IMG_20150815_082738~2



Pea and mint soup

Carrot and Pepper sticks dipped in home-made hummus

Fruit salad including grapes, pear and strawberries

1 Madeleine Shaw’s raw chocolate balls



1 mug of caffeine free Green Tea and a handful of almonds (today is the first day in ages that I’ve felt the need to snack, it could have been because I was off work and idle rather than because I was hungry or it could have been because lunch was a little disjointed – eating and running around after a 2 year old on a picnic makes it quite difficult to eat mindfully and concentrate on what it is your actually doing!)


Mixed mushroom pizza cooked on a wood fired pizza oven (somehow this makes it healthier in my head?!) pulled pork and a baked potato with lettuce and sour cream. Possibly not the cleanest meal in the world but Amelia Freer says to be consistent not perfect!

IMG_20150815_185902~2 IMG_20150815_185919~2


Chamomile and Lavender Tea


30  minutes of running


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