An afternoon at a traditional country show


So this weekend was one of the rare occasions that the whole family was around at the same time and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, the sun came out as well. This seemed like reason enough to go out and enjoy it to it’s full potential and so off we ventured to Northumberland to visit Slaley traditional country show. We’d been once before and had a lovely time but Molly was teeny tiny at the time and not really able to make the most of all the lovely things to do. She more than made up for it this time however, running around with her friends and pointing out everything worthy of interest. It went a little like this: “oooh sheeps” followed by “oooh chickens” and “ooooh ice cream!”


Molly and her friend Bea enjoying the show…

The produce tent was my favorite as I love seeing all the beautiful wild flowers and pick up loads of inspiration from the different crafts that people have entered. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, there was loads on offer, from flowers, vegetables and baking to entire afternoon tea set ups (I’d never seen this at a country show before but I thought it was a great idea!)

IMG_20150808_135210~2 IMG_20150808_135202~2 IMG_20150808_135151~2

There were also some beautiful fruit displays which literally made my mouth water. It was lovely to have a day out that evolved around proper food for a change and to see all the children learning about lovely, brightly colored fruit and veg!

IMG_20150808_135344~2 IMG_20150808_135340~2 IMG_20150808_135616~2

I also loved some of the children’s entries for vegetable animals, creative jewellery ideas and painted stones. It all gave me some fantastic ideas for things to try with Molly back at home!

IMG_20150808_135515~2 IMG_20150808_135436~2 IMG_20150808_135448~2 IMG_20150808_135504~2

Molly enjoyed the produce tent as well, her particular favorites were all the home made cakes which I think she was itching to get hands on. She even spotted one cake in the shape of an owl which Daddy promised her that Mummy would make for her when we got back home…Daddy was in a lot of trouble for this.


Molly’s other favorite elements of the day involved the bouncy castle (goes without saying!), playing in the sand pit, meeting the alpacas, listening to the brass band, seeing the animals, watching the Punch and Judy show and devouring her body weight in freshly picked strawberries and pizza cooked in a wood fired oven – so tasty!

IMG_20150808_142757~2 IMG_20150808_132024~2

I also love country shows for the random second hand stalls that you sometimes find nestled amongst the craft stalls. I found this sweet little book of 10 minute tales hidden amongst a pile of books in a cardboard box and snapped it up for the bargain price of 20p.


All in all, a lovely day was had by all and there was something to captivate and enthrall everyone whether it was a naughty piece of chocolate cake for Daddy, a whole host of animals and music to dance around to until you fell over for Molly or inspiration galore for Mummy, we’ll definitely be going back next to year to do it all over again and to help support the tradition of country shows!

IMG_20150808_122815~2 IMG_20150808_121622~2


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