A Molly and Mummy Day

Today was a rare day and a most enjoyable one. Today it was just Molly and Mummy for the whole day. Here’s what we did…

We painted pictures






We used read mix paint as it’s infinitely easier for little hands to use and so much easier for Mummies and Daddies to prepare. I also think that taking a jar of water out of the equation is possibly less romantic but much safer in the grand scheme of things! We painted a picture of incy-wincy spider and used a pom-pom from Molly’s craft box for the body and pipe cleaners for the legs. then we painted a big sunshine and some rain, just like in the song!

Next we journeyed out to the Deep Dark Woods to try and catch a glimpse of the Gruffalo…

Here we are


Obviously for this it was necessary to dress up as the Gruffalo (presumably so that the real thing would mistake us for one of his kind and venture out of his hiding place to make friends), we also had to take toy Gruffalo and Baby Gruffallo with us as well.

Next it was time for Mummy to do some cooking and time for Molly to play with some dinosaurs…




After nap time we settled down with a little bowl of popcorn to watch a new film all about Dolphins…


Because I work full time and feel a desperate need to make the most of the time we have together I’m sometimes so busy rushing around planning exciting days out that I forget how much fun it is to just hang out together. Day trips definitely have their place, they can be fun, educational and exhausting but every now and again it’s all about Mummy and Molly.


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