Gourmet Burger Kitchen: Review

After a recent plan to eat at one of our favourite clean eating places were scuppered due to nightmare lack of parking situation which had the husband driving round Tynemouth in circles for what seemed like hours, we ended up, in desperation at 2.00 in the afternoon, having lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen¬†(GBK). I LOVE […]

Pret-a-Manger Review

Whilst out and about shopping the other day, Molly suggested that we stopped for a drink and a snack (she’s just like her Daddy, always thinking about food and no stamina for shopping!) I was slightly panic stricken as to where we would end up as the husband refuses to even entertain the idea of […]

Pizza Express Review

We were recently out on a family excursion to the Metro Centre (a huge shopping centre in the North East of England for those of you not in the know). Normally we try to steer clear of the Metro Centre, nasty airless place that it is, but It was an obligatory visit, we had lots […]

Madeleine Shaw’s Summer Salad: Grilled nectarine, parma ham and runner bean

This is the first recipe I made from my lovely shiny new copy of Madeleine Shaw’s book “Get the Glow” and to date I think it’s probably my favorite. It’s a perfect light summery meal for a lovely summery evening, although granted we haven’t had many of those! I was a bit worried that I […]

Clean Eating: Day Five

So this morning I felt pretty yucky…don’t know if it was last nights carb intake or just a general meh but not a great way to start the day. 30 minutes of yoga and some peppermint tea seemed to sort me out though thankfully. So here’s what day five looked like… Breakfast Porridge oats made […]

An evening of “Sun down at Gibside”

We were recently invited to join some friends of ours at ¬†Gibside’s Beer Garden for an evening of food, drink and music. Not ever being ones to turn down any of those things we gladly accepted the invitation although we weren’t sure what to expect – a beer garden at a National Trust property? Whatever […]